Monday, September 7, 2009

Re: [ACSians] RIP Mr Lee Hah Ing - from Shahid


Appreciate your sending this out to the ACSian mailing list.
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I did not realize that our late Principal retired in 1969, the year after we left ACS in 1968, and the interview suggests decisions about the swimming pool and the gym were made in 1969. I recall that we were involved in fund raising in the Fun-O-Rama, and am proud that we were in on the early stages of making it a reality.

My recollection during the years I was in Barker road was seeing him walking around the corridors outside our Secondary school classrooms almost every day. I can surmise that it was his daily look at the state of the campus (his version of Managing by Wandering Around).

A video of his speech at our 40th reunion last year is available on


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