Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RE: [ACSians] Mr. Lee - from Geh Min

His rotating triangle never got blunt & it extended to the whole ACS family.
I remember being called up into his office for cutting class & sneaking off to have a jam session (ring leader,Rex) & the most memorable part of it was the Mr Lee was so much more distressed by the whole incident than any of us that it made me feel much worse than if he had just told us off .
I was touched at our reunion last year to see that he was just as clear in his recollection of all of us & as caring in our welfare as he had been when we were in ACS.
Geh Min

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

RE: [ACSians] RIP Mr Lee Hah Ing - from Mohan

Ladies and Gentleman,

Our principal for 12 years to many, had many firsts, an olympic pool, fun-o-rama, and so on. Let it not be forgotten, Mr. Lee also had a first when he presided over the aftermath of the first and only Acsian organized street race!!!! He has many of us line up and others were invited on the PA system to appear in his office. All 'racers' and participants vehemently denied of any knowledge of the race organized on a Saturday, despite names and a race map made available to Mr. Lee from the Singapore Police!!! A first and memorable event with all involved getting a 'love letter' to be signed by parents and returned, besides other punitive damages. I remember this clearly with Ernie giving us a lecture on misconduct and what not............

Sir, may you rest in peace.

Contribution of Mohan Menon

[ACSians] The obit - from Irene

For those of you who wondered about the reference to the reunion "last month", the obit was written on behalf of the Class of 1969, which held its reunion on Aug 22, 2009.